Light Channel Therapy

According to Trudi Thali

The meridian therapy is based on ancient Chinese culture. (6000 BC).

Human beings are made of energy. Modern physics has only just discovered what was known to ancient Taoists thousands of years ago. The human body is surrounded by an aura – an energy field made up of different light frequencies.

The seven chakras transmit this light into the body in a spiral shape. The light flows through the meridians, or light channels, from the energy centres into every cell of the body. If the energy in the meridians is not free flowing the human body reacts with pain and disease. This is a warning that we need to do and change something to bring relief to our body.

Our wellbeing is based on the free-flowing circulation of vital energy through the meridians.

The world is becoming more and more demanding and the increased focus on the individual have made our lives more difficult. But there is help at hand.

Activating the meridians and bringing them into harmony means that

  • energy can flow freely
  • body and mind find peace and can communicate in harmony
  • self-healing strengthens and brings relief.


What happens during treatment

First, there is an initial conversation including anamnesis. Clients remain fully clothed, only shoes are taken off. The therapist loosens blockades by gently placing her hands on the meridian points following a protocol of fourteen different positions until the blockades are freed and light flows in. The deep relaxation achieved during treatment mobilises self-healing. It takes only a few sessions to re-balance the energy flow.

Possible causes of blockades are

  • worries
  • fears
  • chronic stress
  • bottled up rage
  • frequently recurring negative thoughts
  • insecurity, instability
  • traumas, shock, stroke of fate
  • accidents, chronic diseases
  • wounds, medication, drugs
  • electro smog (caused by computers, mobile phones, televisions, aerials)

Conversation and treatment last for about an hour.

Price €70*per session

Initial discussion prior to first session €30*

*Reduced prices may be available to students and financially disadvantaged clients on special request. Please feel free to contact me.

Please note: Light Channel Therapy is an effective treatment but does not replace a medical examination or treatment