"To see more clarity in your life, it often needs a change of perspective" Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"Give me the strength to fight what can be fought, wisdom to accept what cannot be changed and intelligence to make the difference between both" Marc Aurelius


A very warm welcome to my web page.


Are you going through a difficult phase in your job or in your private life at the moment ? Do you feel like you're stepping on the spot or moving in a vicious circle? Do you feel like you keep repeating the same patterns? You want to leave your fears and anxieties behind and strengthen your self-confidence or self-esteem?

Would you like to make your life more balanced, in line with your own values ​​and needs?

Then let me accompany you on the way to your professional, as well as your private goals. You are entitled to a happy, balanced and free life.

I have gained extensive personal and professional experience and can teach various techniques. They can help you to look at your life events from a different angle enabling more awareness and mindfulness. Calm, harmony and strength will become your new daily allies to face any new situation, making all your goals reachable. 

My page ”sophro-coaching” gives you detailed information into all the possibilities.

Why not embark on an exciting journey of discovery.


Laura Abbracciavento


Professional Training and coaching